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The first founder generation Louis Vuitton is a specialized technician in the 19th century, his suitcase technology is excellent, gradually spread through Europe from Paris, become a symbol products of the finest travel. With the extension of the leather goods, such as silk scarves, pen, watches, Louis Vuitton handbags, Louis Vuitton purses and even clothing, are all as the design of the foundation of advocate delicate, quality, comfortable "travel philosophy".

Louis Vuitton isn't a very common brand, is the third world big brand name, two other brands are Gucci and Prada, Louis Vuitton is the full name of Louis Vuitton, Chinese translation: Louis Vuitton, hereinafter referred to as Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton is one of the most outstanding designers in the history of France, he use his name as a brand name created the LV, Louis Vuitton belongs to the luxury brand, is famous for its sales top bag leather, only genuine Louis Vuitton handbags shoulder around 10000-20000, Louis Vuitton purses more than 1000, is a symbol of fashion and society, Louis Vuitton involved in fashion, decorations, leather shoes, bags, media, wine, etc.
each Louis Vuitton handbag is fine, very delicate.Then coupled with expensive price, and through unconventional means, let users to accept brand, understanding the connotation of the brand - in short,this is the reason why accept a luxury brand, and the price on Louis Vuitton outlet online.
Louis Vuitton purses are known to how expensive, also know that Louis Vuitton is never in discount. Luxury brands, because of its expensive price, assume an important mission: to be able to bear the costs of a more expensive to luxury brands of special symbols! As the title, name, badges, etc used to be a symbol of the aristocracy in Louis Vuitton outlet store, luxury brand symbol meaning is: successful and rich. And successful and wealthy is people struggling in economic and social goals, yearning.
1. 1. Unique designer's inspiration.
2. 2. Customer is admired. Such as the royal or superstar.
3. 3. Unique process, technology and material.
4. 4. The origin and producers.
5. 5. Long history brand.
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