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Magnetic fields are used as an alternative therapy in order to help the body heal itself. One of the most common (and attractive) types of jewelry used to treat ailments is the magnetic hematite bracelet. Hematite is a natural iron ore, a magnetic mineral found in nature. Nobody is sure exactly how biomagnetism works. Since it increases blood circulation, some theorists believe that the increased circulation stimulates the body's natural healing abilities.

It is also believed that the magnetism helps regulate the electrical charges in your body's cells, helping to relieve disorders. As circulation is stimulated, the body builds new cells and begins to repair itself. The use of magnet fields applied to the skin has been used as a health therapy for centuries; this is proof that people have seen definite results.

At wordestones.com, we sell a wide variety of magnetic hematite bracelets and matching hematite necklaces. You can adorn yourself with beautiful jewelry, while you manage the pain of your arthritis or backache without drugs. Browse our store today to select the piece of jewelry that reflects your unique style. You'll find necklaces and bracelets in varying lengths, featuring hematite alone or mixed with other colorful gems.

You should wear your magnets as close to your skin as possible. You can either apply them directly to the site of the pain, or place them in other areas close to the body. Also, do not use magnets if you have a pacemaker as they can interfere with its proper functioning. If you have any questions about our magnetic jewelry, please email us at billmars@ptd.net or you can reach us by phone at 973-948-0085.

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