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At wordestones.com, selecting the right stone and designing layouts is what our engravers specialize in. Since each job is a custom job, we want to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. Therefore, we start each project by evaluating the purpose of the stone, selecting the right size, color, and shape of stone before we begin to engrave it.

Thanks to modern sandblasting equipment, it is no longer necessary to spend hours with a hammer and chisel like our ancestors did in order to carve designs into stones. For you, this translates to expert craftsmanship that is much speedier and more affordable than in the past. Since you don't have to carve art into cave walls anymore either, stone art is far more portable than it has ever been.

Mini or pocket stones with animal images are some of our most popular products. Customers like to carry the mini stones in their pockets, share them with friends and pass them out in order to deliver messages to groups they socialize with. If a particular religion holds animals sacred, for example, stones with animal images engraved into them are especially meaningful to that religion's congregations. No matter what design you'd like to see on your mini stones, wordestones.com can deliver.

Express words and sentiments such as love, friendship, support, or encouragement by engraving stones with meaningful thoughts and designs. Choose from our standard designs or create your own, and we'll carve your custom design into stones for you. Whether you need just one stone or thousands, we can accommodate your order. Visit wordestones.com for three convenient ways to place an order.

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